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If you use a tent for a month or six weeks a year then it probably makes sense to own a tent, but the average person is only going to rent a tent 3 or 4 times during their life time.

If you have that entrepreneur spirit, that desire to work for yourself, the thrill of taking calculated risks in order to profit, if you are imaginative, if you have the ability to organize, to lead people, to handle stress and to treat your customer like they are your most important asset, then we have an opportunity for you, and all you have to do is pickup the phone and give us a call to get the details.

Purchasing tents will usually pay for themselves after just 4 to 8 rentals.

We sell new and used tents. Call us today!

Country Peddler Pole Tents

  • Tents attract attention, they say "Look at Me", "Something's Going on Here", "Come on In", "We're Having a Sale", "We're Deal'n"
  • Tent tops are manufactured from 14oz. vinyl laminated nylon. The fabric is waterproof & flame retardant.
  • Tents are available in 15 colors and you can combine up to 2 colors in one tent. Tents are also available in the narrow 4 inch wide carnival stripe. The colors are Red/White, Blue/White, Green/White, and Yellow/White.
  • A web understructure of 4000 pound test web is sewn to under side of the tent. The web understructure absorbs the stress from wind and tensioning.
  • Tents can be stored wet and hosed off clean.
  • Stress is distributed equally via the web understructure throughout the tent.
  • The ratchet buckle system is stronger than the guy ropes, and allows you to put the tent under greater tension.
  • Rainbow was the originator of the Ratchet Buckle Guy System for tents. Side poles are 2" galvanized steel. center poles are telescoping 2" galvanized steel.
  • Side curtains are manufactured from a 7oz. fabric reinforced heavy duty poly. Curtains are all white and contrast all colors of tents.
  • All Seams are electronically welded or heat sealed. All sewing on the tent is done using three ply polyester rot resistant thread.
Country Peddler Pole Tents & Parts
Tent Size Tent Top Side Curtains Package Price
15' x 15' Call for Price Call for Price Call for Price
15' x 20' Call for Price Call for Price Call for Price
15' x 25' Call for Price Call for Price Call for Price
20' x 20' Call for Price Call for Price Call for Price
20' x 30' Call for Price Call for Price Call for Price
20' x 40' Call for Price Call for Price Call for Price
Package price includes tent top, telescoping center poles, stakes w/ratchet straps and side curtains. End curtains and tent centers (to extend tent length) are also available. Call for details.

Note: Prices subject to change without notice. Other sizes available. Call us!
Stock NumberDescriptionPrice
TPTPOLE2" Steel Side Pole (7', 16 gauge)Call for Price
TPTPOLE2" Steel Center Pole (7', 12 gauge)Call for Price
TPTPOLE32" x 36" Steel Center Pole BaseCall for Price
TPTPOLE42" Steel Center Pole ExtensionCall for Price
TPTSTAKE11" x 36" Hardened Steel StakeCall for Price
TPTSTAKE26' 2500# Ratchet Strap with LoopCall for Price
TPTSTAKE3Deluxe Stake (Stake with 6' Ratchet Strap)Call for Price
WEBLOOP2" x 6' Corner or Replacement Strap with LoopCall for Price