Rainbow Tent, Chair, Table, Flag Rentals

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  • Peddler Rental Tent shown in typical installation with flags.
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Local Rentals Only, Limited Delivery Area

Rainbow Tent, Chair, Table, Flag Rentals

  • Rainbow offers tents, tables, chairs and even flags for rent for those special events.
  • Weddings, Graduations or Parties.
  • Corporate Events
  • Festivals, fairs, etc.
  • Prices subject to change without notice.
  • Prices for Springfield, Ohio area only. Delivery charges may apply.
  • Price Includes: set-up, take down, and white side curtains.
  • Prices are on reservations made 14 days prior to event.
  • A security deposit is required on all rental reservations.
  • Window Cathedral curtains available.
  • Pick Up Options up to 40% off.
  • Rental rates are for up to one week.
  • Tents are normally set-up 1 to 3 days prior to your the event.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.
Rainbow Tent, Chair, Table, Flag Rentals
Tent Size Rate for Pole Tents Rate for Frame Tents
10' x 10'N/A$170.00
10' x 20'N/A$270.00
15' x 15'$210.00$240.00
15' x 20'$235.00$290.00
15' x 30'$285.00N/A
20' x 20'$250.00$325.00
20' x 30'$305.00$425.00
20' x 40'$360.00$525.00
20' x 60'$470.00$725.00
30' x 30'$450.00$630.00
30' x 45'$578.00$855.00
30' x 50'$620.00$930.00
30' x 60'$705.00$1080.00
40' x 40'$650.00$1210.00
40' x 60'$880.00$1590.00
40' x 80'$1110.00$1970.00
40' x 100'$1340.00$2350.00
60' x 60'$1210.00N/A
60' x 90'$1760.00N/A
60' x 120'$2310.00N/A
Note: Prices subject to change without notice.
Description 3 Day Weekend 10 Day Week 40 Day Month Setup Fee
Tent Flags
8" x 12" Side Pole$5.00 each$7.50 each$10.00 each$1.00 each
3' x 5' Center Pole$15.00 each$22.50 each$30.00 each$5.00 each
Banquet Tables (Plain)
72" x 30"$8.00 each$15.00 each$20.00 each$1.00 each
96" x 30"$10.00 each$19.50 each$26.00 each$1.00 each
5' Round$12.00 each$22.50 each$40.00 each$1.00 each
Banquet Tables (Skirted)
72" x 30"$30.00 each$45.00 each$67.00 eachIncluded
96" x 30"$35.00 each$50.00 each$75.00 eachIncluded
5' Round$45.00 each$60.00 each$90.00 eachIncluded
White Chairs
Folding Metal$1.25 each$2.00 each$4.00 each$0.25 each
Wood Chairs
Folding$1.75 each$3.00 each$6.00 each$0.25 each

No delivery fee if ordered with tent; a nominal fuel surcharge may apply.

If no tent is ordered with tables, chairs, skirting and/or flags a delivery fee will apply based on distance.