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Murphy's Law #37

The Problem with Truck Caps: When you want something out of the back of your pickup, it's always at the front of the bed! Wouldn't it be nice at times like those to have a truck cap with fold up sides?

Country Truck Peddler

  • Frame is manufactured from 14 gauge 1-3/8" galvanized steel tubing.
  • Corner and intermediate fittings are manufactured from 1-5/8" welded steel.
  • Automotive quality gas springs raise the sides and rear.
  • Cover is manufactured from 14oz. vinyl laminated nylon. The fabric is waterproof, flame retardant, mildew resistant.
  • The Frame is aerodynamically designed to reduce drag. Travel at highway speeds!
  • No holes to drill in your truck. The frame mounts in the pickup pockets with compression fittings.
  • No more crawling through the back of your pickup to retrieve something from the front of the pickup box.
  • Covers are available in 15 solid colors or in four striped patterns. Color attracts attention.
  • Sets up in 60 Seconds. "Got a minute?"
  • Don't worry about the wind. No poles to setup, no stakes to pound, no concrete to lug.
  • Move beyond the limits of a roadside stand, farmers market or flea market. Become a mobile marketer. Eliminate the competition.
  • More versatile than a truck cap, Sides can be raised allowing fast and easy access to the bed.
  • The Truck Peddler can also be used in construction, plumbing, or as a camper.
  • Would you rather spend time setting up, or selling to your competitor's customers?
Country Truck Peddler
Steel Frame Kit Awning Tent Cover Total for Both
$1031.63 $433.13 $1464.76

Note: The Truck Peddler fits full size 6' or 8' beds on Ford, Chevy, Dodge, GMC.

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